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Cast Adrift

All moorings severed- you’re on your own. The guide you thought would be there still is obscured by the fog.
Alone you drift on an endless sea, your direction? Simple…. what do you see?
Cast adrift you look askance in vain attempt to be recognized. But who is who and who am I?
We spot someone, alone at sea just as alone as me. The current draws you ever so slowly near, that your perception slowly clears. You are not alone as you fear, the fog is thinning here
So slow the current pulls you near, you know the outline, its etched in your mind and heart long after the scant light of day has gone.
So long it seems as it draws near…
We briefly touch, a fleeting thing, so fragile, soft, sweet and clear.
You know the sight, smell and sound; it’s part of you just as much as your skin and bone.
You meld as one for that briefest of moments you are one, the fear and fog and being alone are pushed aside- you have been found…

But the trade winds blow and although the approach had seemed so slow, the speed with which you drift away as the fog begins to fall brings that fear you thought conquered back to the fore.
So vast seems the void, so far the drift as night descends; stones of loneliness are dropped into your being.

Cast adrift you flail around in the dark looking for that touch, the one that created the spark but with the rolling fog and harsh bleakness of night all you touch is stark- all you see is that which is etched in your heart.
The winds they blow and the darkness fades- can’t be dark always. In the warming light of day and fostered by the trade winds that so treacherously pulled you apart.
The fog begins to blow aside so again you see I am here and you with me. You’re not alone as you may fear.

Love and Light always

The Blackness

There is a place worse than hell and it exists inside us all.
Though we writhe and struggle and throw our bloodied and wearied awareness against it the walls of our internal hell remain unmoved as if in mockery to our vain attempt.

So clearly you see life go by, so unable to stop or stem the tide. Easier to hold a wave upon the sand or keep the moon in your breast pocket.
Slowly and frantically you send out tendrils of yourself, your essence. Seeking for a crack, a hole so small…
Slowly…frantically you lose yourself, your essence as it flows away and becomes nothing.
You stand there in hell diminished and worn, alone and torn.


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