I won’t bore you all with a long sad arsed story of my life, but I have to explain a few points about myself and my views in order for the dots to be joined….and that’s what this is about, joining dots that otherwise would’ve been looked at in isolation.

I came from a standard Aussie home, “christian” in name, parents faking their relationship until something finally broke when I was 9. My brother and I were kidnapped by my mother and hidden away for 3 months while my father came home to find his house empty, his wife missing and his kids vanished from school. Hey, I won’t sugar coat it…it was fucked up, but that’s life and you roll with the punches. My dad drove around every metropolitan school trying to find us while my mum filled my head full of poison and lies trying to justify her betrayal.
I have no delusions, my father was not a saint, never easy to live with, but he loved us kids and never abused us, he tried his best. He himself was from and “emotionally retarded” (for lack of a better term) family, he was very closed off and had trouble showing his emotions, coming from a home of 12 brothers and sisters with an abusive father, it was probably amazing he managed to keep himself sane and make himself a functioning member of society and not follow the pattern of his father, so being a lil emotionally shut down is probably allowed.
But my mother poisoned me against him and lied to the courts to get custody…..blah blah blah….
Long story really but I just wanted to illustrate that I didn’t come from a “picture perfect” family, I have had my share of early knocks and doses of harsh reality.

We must not allow the past to dictate our future. My father is NOT like my grandfather, thank friggin god. He chose to rise above and become something else and someone else. Sometimes we need to be reminded that we can chose our path, choose our fate. We don’t have to be dictated by family, tradition, creed or religion.

I’ll talk more tomorrow about my journey through that period and continue to set up so you can see why I can say I know things about religion and family, and government and spiritual growth and depression and bipolar and many many more things. I will use these then to show you a version of this so-called reality and how we came to be in it and what our place is.

Until then…goodnight

Love and light



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