1. spookchristian says:

    come across this stuff before..
    not 100% sure what to make of it.

    • angelis80 says:

      Well put it this way, depending on what you believe and the origins of humanity and the moon itself will determine how much stock you put in these types of books I guess.
      BUT regardless of your religious, political, spiritual or any other stand point you may have, think about it…how much do we already KNOW the government/NWO lie to us? Well that is just the tip of the iceberg. They have lied and manipulated us from the beginning about everything. If it is in their best interest to keep it silent you can be damn sure they will.
      Also think logically about the pictures we get from space…are you gonna tell me that they spend millions of dollars on these satellites and probes and “rovers” etc and that they only out cheap arsed camera on these things? I mean look at it, my mobile phone can take clearer images than the friggin mars rover!
      Nah, they deliberately give us these blurred shots, and fuzzy shots that make things hard to identify for a few reasons,
      1) they give us just enough info to satisfy the sheeple,
      2) they can disprove and label the theory’s they don’t want out in the public eye by saying “it’s a trick of the light…” Or “it’s a shadow…” Or “it’s just a blur due to the rotation of the planet” or some such tripe. It’s plausible deniability.
      3) it protects the knowledge they want to keep hidden

      I could go further and pull you down the rabbit hole…but you have to be ready.

      • angelis80 says:

        Haha, I’m certainly not an expert either, I am going by gut here. I believe I chose to come here and that what I am sharing now is really things I already know…I just chose to forget as part of the process. I am where I am now and have remembered what I have thanks to the hard work of others before me like David Icke and the awesome community of lightworkers and starseeds I network with.
        If you want to learn more keep following this blog and also make some time to check out the info on http://www.humanitywinsilluminatilose.com also http://vigilantcitizen.com

        Hit the forum on the humanity wins illuminati lose site. There are some AMAZING people on there. We all have found different pieces of the puzzle, now lets put it all together!
        Download the latest conference by David Icke- Remember who you are.

        Be prepared to be challenged and let’s kick some ass.

      • spookchristian says:

        I’m gonna go on the humanitywinsillumiatilose first and have a gander.

        You do know I am Christian don’t you angelis80. ??

      • angelis80 says:

        I did gather that.
        I am not telling you what to believe. You have to discover YOUR truth.
        But remain open minded.
        I was once a born again, spirit filled, Pentecostal. Charismatic Christian too. I used to be a youth leader and preach in my church and lead the worship team….but something always felt off

      • angelis80 says:

        Hmmm well my friend I woke and saw the light and saw through the deception and manipulation of religion.
        “God’s Word”, as you call it is all a lie, in my opinion. It’s been written by man and at the Council of Nicaea decided what books would be in the final bible compilation. And throughout the ages MANY have been caught out changing the scripture to suit themselves.
        The council even had a debate about whether or not Jesus was really the Son of God or just a man.

        The story of JC was around MANY centuries before the man himself. Look up the Babylonian trinity and the Egyptian gods…they told the same story’s, different names.
        If you want to talk religion please come to the humanitywins forum and we can debate.
        But this isn’t a forum to debate religion. I am just here to share MY truth.

      • spookchristian says:

        You watched the movie called. Zeitgeist. ??

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