I just posted this on a forum I subscribe to and thought it is relevant here too…ok…now is when I could lose some of you…but remember be open, allow yourself to try new ideas. Come down the rabbit hole…
Find post on “www.humanitywinsilluminatilose.com” in the forum under general/ project cosmic library codename: earth

“You have just posted an area that I have been giving a lot of thought to lately. I agree with your theory, based off the “wake up call” channelling. I heard that and something clicked inside me. I have been searching for that missing link. You are 100% correct about the cross DNA between all the differing species on our gorgeous planet.
The Darwinists even admit that there is a missing link in the evolution to man as we know him…what if that missing link isn’t natural…not part of evolution. DNA studies suggest that over 90% of or DNA is “junk” DNA…what if that was the bit inserted to bridge the gap…what if it didn’t originate on earth and that’s why it appears as “junk”. I guess the other thing to be aware of is that our DNA has been screwed with by the reps and part of what is “junk” is highly likely to also be the thing that makes us so easily manipulated by the reps, that cuts us of from easily and naturally reaching our higher selves and 4D consciousness. They switched us off with our DNA.
Now I may make some waves by saying this, but that’s what this forum is about, sharing ideas. I have a theory about the moon, see the post in general about the moon and our convos. Many theories out there, shared by many of the members here exist, one is that the moon is ENTIRELY reptilian. However I have a theory that I have developed from reading some David Icke stuff, lus the books “who built the moon” and “dark mission”…
In the Pleadian channelling “the wake up call” they say that source and other benevolent ETs saw earth and saw its potential as it has a cosmic library, a place to use to store and share knowledge about genetics and DNA, that means EVERYTHING- plants, animals, birds, fish, bacteria….every life form… The channelling suggested that the earth is easily reached from other areas of the universe and is close to portals and byways etc that channel the energy of the Source…
Ok so we have a planet…perfectly placed in the universe, perfect distance from the sun, but it just doesn’t have the correct rotation and orbit or combination of sea to sky to land ratios. These beings are intelligent and know what is needed to seed life to a planet, they see that the earth weighs too much to orbit at the correct speed…they also see that in order to get the internal momentum and dynamics happening to create internal heat, atmospheric changes, weather patterns, risking of land masses, tides…they see that an exact 23.4 degree tilt will provide all of these things that are required to support life.
Ok with me so far?..
So the first issue…weight…
The earth needs to lose a few pounds, in return this will provide the space for oceans.
Second issue…the tilt…
A large object in orbit will provide enough tilt and magnetic force to keep the earth at a constant speed of revolutions. The magnetic force from the sun does not impact the revolutions as heavily as the moon does.

Ok so, so NASA scientists and Knight and Butler from “who built the moon”, both provide evidence to suggest that if the moon is hollow, it has the correct density/volume of earth products to fill in the spaces left if the oceans disappeared. Knight and Butler propose that the substance of the moon was dug out from the the earth by an artificial force.

Ok, so that takes care of the weight issue and the tilt…
But none of these are possible if the moon is solid and small…so they make it hollow and much bigger than could possible be natural.
I think they wanted us to know we were “helped” along…
Did you all know that the moon is 400 times smaller than the earth and the earth is 400 times smaller than the sun, coincidence? Maybe, but what about these facts….the distance between the earth and the moon is exactly 1/400th of the distance between the sun and the earth….still coincidence?
Also all mathematics and physics suggests that the moon is too big to have been caught in the earths gravitational pull the way other small moons have been on other planets…ie the moon is not a random asteroid that got stuck…also the moon has no real damage on its surface…it is almost completely spherical despite being bombarded over the millennia by meteorites etc. look at all the pictures, the craters are all superficial the moons of other planets are all smashed and misshapen…none of them are as perfectly round as our is! And none are as big in relation to their host planet as ours is.

Ok so far the benevolent ETs have made an artificial moon it creates the perfect environmental conditions to begin seeding and supporting life and provides the correct tilt and rotational speed.
Now they all begin the process of seeding life and watching it grow. This a
Is a cosmic library…a living project, there is no rush no time limit, they can come nd go as they please leaving it years or centuries before involving themselves again and visiting to see what has been contributed.

Now I believe the retilian ETs contributed their DNA early on and then return much later and saw the potential for a passive food source and tried to claim it. That’s when war erupted and hs been raging ever since.
Now seeing as the reptilian race probably travelled LONG distances to get here they needed a place to hole up…they needed somewhere they could wait for reinforcements and ultimately a place to focus their matrix from into our 3rd dimension. The moon was the perfect place, humanity already knew about it, they would never suspect it…it was known to be hollow…the perfect home away from home.
I don’t believe the moon was created with evil intent. I feel that like us, it was hijacked.

I mean think about it…the masons and illuminati use reverse symbology ALL the time. They take what’s good and spin it to evil, they twist whats pure and make it negative. The nazi symbol for instance, it WAS a holy Buddhist symbol in the opposite orientation, but the nazis reversed it and twisted it for evil.
The moon helped bring us life and now that self same moon is being used to control us, manipulate us and cut us off from our higher selves…

I don’t know obviously…these are just my thoughts over the past few months. I have skipped over so much detail, but if you read the book, “who built the moon” and the book by David Icke “remember who you are” you will start to see where I am coming from. I have read far and wide to come to this idea, they are just the main texts I have used and the ones that explain it simply.
All the facts are verifiable through NASA and other channels of science.

Anyway, just my musings.

Love and light guys”

Hey I warned you all at the start…


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