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‘ Today I affirm that there is nothing in me but love. This love comes from total acceptance of myself and the understanding that I am a perfectly imperfect human being. I will walk through today and allow myself to fully express my perfection. I realise that all my “faults” are actually the Universe’s unique way of expressing itself through me. I let go of self judgement and any projected judgements of others that I have chosen to believe, and finally allow myself to just BE what I truly am: infinite. As this is true for me so it is true for all other beings on the planet. I will choose to accept everyone in my life with the same radical acceptance I have for myself knowing that we are all perfectly imperfect human beings simply doing the best we can. And so it is.’



I wish…

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Something beautiful I stumbled across today…


I wish my hands were those of a piano player, as my fingertips would brush your keys you would hear the melody of me. I wish my tears would dance like the rain, and as I wept you would stroll calmly thru. I wish my eyes would shine like a lightning strike so when I glanced at you, you would know the depth of my truths. I wish my voice was a thunderstorm and when I spoke it crackled through you…



Your gaze stops me in my tracks

That simple smile, that fierce laugh

Are the undertow of what I don’t have.


I ache though all my lanky limbs

Because when your fingers graze

Across my rough skin

It’s all I can do, to not sink within


I close my eyes, but don’t have much to share

As I imagine your perfectly windswept hair

But even when…

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Brave New World

If you have realized lately that there is something very wrong with the reality we are living in today, this video is for you. If you are starting to question everything around you, this video is for you. But if you are one of those moralists-government-defenders-religious-hypocrites, the following video could make you feel very upset. The truth is: we have been lied to and everything you think is right about the government is mostly an illusion. Start thinking own your own and stop following the crowd. Perhaps is time to put everything in perspective again and stop trusting political charlatans in Washington D.C.

The Paradigm Shift

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This is a little off topic for many of the posts on here but if you follow my blog you will be aware that “antimicrobial stewardship” is part of my job but it is also a passion of mine within the realm of infection prevention and control. But even more so now that I am awakened and have been in the health industry long enough to see how it works.

If you research into the NWO it is clear to see that they want a more manageable population size and then that surviving population must be useful to the regime by either labour or ideas/wealth/influence….so the fact that they are now touting “the end of the antibiotic era is really no surprise.
There are other options around, colloidal silver for one example and I am sure many herbal remedies of old that could be re-looked at for their efficacy, but there is no money in that really.
Also if you consider that all life on this third dimension of reality of basically wave form/holographic, vibrational and insubstantial you will then understand that what the ancient Chinese believed, however they didn’t grasp the fullness, that life is about energy flow. Therefore illness is a disruption to the flow of energy, like the way energy flow is depicted in the meridians of the body, therefore if you fix the blockage or flow, you can fix the illness! We don’t need antibiotics for that.
On the topic of energy and vibration, there have been studies conducted in japan that show that water can convey and store emotion. The study had people focus negative thoughts on water and then another group put positive thought towards the water and the resulting water was viewed under a microscope. The water showed distinct patterns for negative and positive emotions, I will post a link to the study in the “interesting links” page. It goes into a lot more depth obviously, but the point is, emotional energy can change the pattern of matter….
Scientists have also used sound waves to change the sex of an embryo…

Drugs are just vibrational energy and we take them into our body and the particles are distributed in our body and can alter our DNA, which is in turn, vibrational energy coding.
Is it really a coincidence cancer is on the rise, mental illness is rampant, kids are born with life threatening diseases and allergies????? Think about it, the NWO can’t exactly just round up those they don’t want and kill them like hitler, that’s been tried and failed, this is slower, but just as effective. Those that know the truth don’t use the normal health care system we do or the same diet and health practices we do. David Rockefeller has his own personal homeopath and naturopath that have kept him alive, the guy is nearly 100 years old, well beyond our life expectancy, but hey, we are not illuminati, NWO world leaders with access to esoteric knowledge of the ages either!
Now from a purely non-spiritual point of view, be very careful about using antibiotics unless you really need them and if you do need them take the full course as directed. It’s people expecting to walk away with a script for antibiotics every time they visit the doctor with a sniffle that’s adds massive weight to the multi-drug resistant organisms developing in the world. NOT EVERYTHING IS TREATABLE OR APPROPRIATE FOR ANTIBIOTIC USE! When doctors do prescribe them they should be careful to use as narrow and targeted spectrum antibiotics as possible to kill the known organism with the use of broad spectrum antibiotics really as a last resort option to limit the exposure of organisms to our limited number of drugs that still work. Also a huge mistake people make is they take antibiotics for viruses…viruses are unaffected by antimicrobial agents! The flu, the common cold, does not respond to antibiotics!

So next time you feel a bit “fluey” and think about heading to the doctor for drugs listen to them when they say, “viruses can not be killed by antibiotics” and don’t push for a pill to fix your ill! Look at your lifestyle and make the changes there.

Check out the link to a news article below and then read the comment I posted on the site, which appears to have been removed, meh, that’s cool.
I wish it was just a load of crap…but I work in the industry and I can tell you the end of antibiotics is very close. But it’s not because of what the governments etc will feed you, it’s ’cause there is no money in antibiotic research for the Big Pharma, think about it, millions of $ spent to develop/find a new antibiotic that is then subsidised and sold cheap and only usually for a short period. Infections don’t last so there is limited money to be made off each client! Unlike say, blood pressure meds, the client has to take those for life, unlike a course of antibiotics that’s about 7-10days normally. They have no incentive. And big Pharma know that it’s a limited therapy anyway, plus they want to cull the population- survival of the fittest.
Then add to that the fact that the pharmaceutical companies manufacture this stuff in countries that have little or no environmental protection laws and they just spill their waste out into the soil and the water and they mix with the organisms in the soil and water and the normally harmless micro organisms become “super bugs” just like the NDM-1 superbug in India, MRSA, VRE, ESBL and many more.
Also with many poor countries having antibiotics available over the counter and really….the antibiotic era had no chance.

But don’t believe the bullshit, the government could create incentives for development of new antimicrobials…but they won’t…




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