Stranger in my own skin

Posted: October 7, 2013 in mental health- bipolar, anxiety
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So I said I fuck it up all the time…and today is one of those days.

Today I feel like a stranger in my own skin,
My bed in the dark was too comfortable this morning,
Noises are too sharp,
Lights are too bright,
Nothing feels real,
Nothing has substance,
Food has no flavour,
Drink does not slake my thirst,
Usually my guitar is my grounding,
Yet today I feel like someone else is using my fingers,
I feel wooden trying to play,
I open my mouth to sing my music and the voice coming out is unrecognisable,
I feel no passion,
I feel nothing…
The darkness has me today
I can’t find that spark,
That light within to make the universal laws of attraction work to my benefit,
Bipolar…depression…mania….it has me today and I can’t find the strength to fight it…



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