A quick meditation technique to clear your mind…

Posted: October 13, 2013 in awakening, hidden knowledge, mental health- bipolar, anxiety, Solutions, Uncategorized

I learned this from a great counsellor, Marcus Ferguson of Heart, Mind, Spirit Therapies, http://www.heartmindspirit.com.au. It works great for those moments when you feel overwhelmed but don’t have heaps of time to do a full meditation.

Stop, close you’re eyes and take a deep breath right where you are standing or sitting…

1- what exactly do you feel?
Describe the feeling to yourself

2- define it as a shape
Is it pointy, round, square, triangle, jagged, a blob….

3- what colour is it?
Is it bright coloured, dark, black, grey, red, blue, neon…
This helps to define its overall source and effect. Depressive feelings may be dark, black or grey type,. Where as anxiety or manic out of control ones may be bright sharp colours.
It’s all just helps you define the feelings.

4- what texture is it?
Is it light and fluffy, heavy and dense, rough like sandpaper….

5- where is it?
Decide where in your body this feeling originates…

6- how big is it? / what size is it?
Does it fill you body? Is it bigger than you? Is it tiny…

7- how deep is it?
How deep does it go in your body?

8- discard that feeling

Now, in giving your feelings definition like this you find that is helps you to discard it.
Now the thing is that EVERY emotion or feeling has a root cause or an underlying contributing factor, sometimes the first feeling you have is just the very first layer of MANY feelings and when you are able to take away each layer you will find that feeling or root cause. THAT will allow you to deal with the real cause and focus your coping strategies in the correct direction.

So, continue to repeat the cycle after each layer, sometimes one layer may need a few passes.
If you have time, finish with a centring refocusing meditation.
It’s a great and useful technique to learn to meditate on the go.

Love and Light



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