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Free your mind. Remember you attract what you think and feel.
Remember that the media groups are own by a handful of the elite…real journalism died a long time ago. Don’t be fooled.



I have posted here before, TEACH YOUR KIDS TO QUESTION EVERYTHING! George Carlin was perfectly on the money with that. But also as adults we need to be ready to have our understanding of the world, history, reality, physics….everything, challenged!
The truth has been distorted and hidden and twisted. “History is written by the victor….” & I can tell you now the victor has NEVER been anyone other than the NWO, illuminati in all their forms and essentially the reptilian alliance.

Nothing is real, nothing is what it seems…learn to become sensitive to the truth…

Love and Light Always


I can’t recommend some, if not all of these ideas more. Anyone suffering bipolar really should take great pains to understand the shit out if it!!!

I hope this helps some of my readers as much as it will me.

Love and light

The Bipolar Codex

My 100 tips for Bipolar Disorder – please share as you see fit.

Click here to view the PDF.

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Check out the link above for Vigilant Citizen’s write up on the MTV VMAs and Miley Cyrus’s release on to the world as this year sacrificial lamb. She has been displaying the dualist ice characteristics of an MK slave since the beginnings with her main role, Hannah Montana, who lives two lives and has two personalities…ummm WTF?

Anyway, while the world was STUNNED and SHOCKED and OFFENDED and HATED Miley and her MTV performance, take a moment to think about all that negative energy/vibration that was created and released……the media and the public talked about it for days! Just like the illuminati, reptilian puppets were aiming to do. VC makes a point in the write up to say that there was hate red in the air and on the faces of the on lookers, let’s not even mention the child pornographers that were supremely excited about the whole “sexualisation” of everything childish aka Miley romping around the stage with teddy bears etc.
all that energy had to go somewhere…
Yep that’s right the whole thing was designed as a feeding frenzy, a buffet for the reptilians to feed off…

Well played, sad but well played

Love and light


Remember the universal laws of attraction and that we attract like vibrations to what we put out! Create the reality you wish to exist in