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So we are blessed in Australia to have an amazing harbour in Sydney and a fantastic feature to use- the harbour bridge. Every year a theme is used and displayed throughout the fireworks as the clock strikes midnight or is revealed as the fireworks end. Well this year to usher in the new year, a year starting with a New Moon for the first time in nearly 20 years, the symbol chosen was a huge multi-storey eye, moving, roving across the harbour!
Hmmmm blatant much?? What a way to bring in the new year! The symbolism and ritual meaning in that are astounding! So what do you think the secret societies were saying with that? And how many sheeple just missed it, giving it power?
Hold on tight Australia, big brother is about to kick into gear, the ushering in of the NWO agenda, Agenda 21, illuminati and reptilian agenda for Australia is about to be realised and go into overdrive I think. Look at the situation in the USA! We will have to follow.
The illuminati and their cronies have just made a blatant stand to show who truly controls things here…
It’s time for us awakened ones to make a stand…shine that light inside and share it with everyone. It’s time to make a stand and halt the agenda before it goes too far down the road…..




2013 Lessons

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Well the superficial list…


Free your mind…


I’m no political genius or lawyer, but the following article I found (the link below) is disturbing for everyone.
If this is a true representation and interpretation of the executive order and amendment to constitutional law in the “Land of the Free and Home of the Brave” then I truly fear for the rest of the world.
Putting aside their obviously conservative Christian stance, The Common Sense Show has some points well worth considering.

If we here down under think that our government won’t follow suit or be pressured to in some way you are kidding yourself. All I will say is be prepared, believe nothing, trust nothing, listen and interpret all the info you come across with an open mind and listen to that still small voice in the pit of your stomach, learn to trust your instincts. As George Carlin says, believe NOTHING, question EVERYTHING.
I leave it to you to decide how you see this info. One point that jumped out at me was in the comment section….the current government have launched an appeal/application to have the death penalty for TREASON, revised down to prison time instead….ummmm does that smack of guilt and forward planning to anyone else?

Love and Light



Which line are you in

If you have been browsing or following my blog you would know that I suffer from bipolar disorder and anxiety disorder. I suffered the detrimental effects of these potentially debilitating issues to the point that I have been almost admitted to psychiatric care facilities for the safety and good of my family, let alone my own.
I have been through a huge number of different drugs and combinations to treat the “side effects” from one drug only to find I grew resistant to one drug and have to change over or one class didn’t agree with me and have the desired effect…I am sure that many of you out there on this journey can relate….I have so many bottles and packets of pills from drugs I can’t use! But what puzzles me and always did in university as I studied mental health, most of the drugs that are prescribed and the treatments given have no real known and definable effect! Look for your self, the product info in the pack or here in Australia if you can get access to a MIMS, look under the heading of method of action I bet you will see what I see on all my drugs and what I used to hear in way too many lectures….method of action “UNKNOWN”…….
Ummmm ok, but these are highly toxic drugs, like I have to have regular blood tests to check my liver and kidney functions and blood levels for the sodium valproate and duloxetine I take…and I am putting that chemical in my body and “hoping” it will have the right effect on my brain!!!!!!!! My brain, the centre for all life in my body. Well it bothers me.
Check put the YouTube clip below, the entire thing is 2hours long, so I haven’t watched it end to end, but the first 40mins alone is thought provoking and damning for Big Pharma. Also the rest of the video is amazing, just fairly dry and takes a bit of patience. So are our conditions, bipolar, anxiety, OCD, depression etc actually real…do they have a deeper root? Should we be on these meds indefinitely or do we actually get over it and then become dependant on the meds? And seeing as most of the meds cause the very same conditions we are taking them for…are the ongoing symptoms really just effects of the meds themselves?

As spiritual beings can we take a greater responsibility and find the root cause, OR is the medical fraternity paid off to sell certain types of drugs and tell the public only the truths they want released? It an obvious question to some…
I believe I can be free from these meds. I believe that all illness comes from DIS-ease in our bodies and being that we are a holographic reality, I believe the meds we are taking are merely just changing the coding we interpret. If this is a dis ease, a dis rupturing to the flow of energy it can be corrected.

We must learn to create the reality we wish to live in…I guarantee that the elite, the top NWO movers don’t take these shitty meds and poisons…they know the occult/esoteric methods of treatments that have been stripped from our societies and hidden for their benefits. I wish to step out from their rule of medication and their destruction and mockery of what stands for medical practice…I don’t want their poisons to imprison me anymore.

Love and Light


Something to consider

Brave New World

Rob Williams
The Independent

A controversial American biblical scholar is set to make his first appearance in London next week to present a discovery that he claims proves the story of Jesus Christ was invented as a system of mind control to enslave the poor.

Joseph Atwill, who is the author of a book entitled ‘Caesar’s Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus’, asserts that Christianity did not begin as a religion, but was actually a sophisticated government propaganda exercise used to pacify the subjects of the Roman Empire.

At the ‘Covert Messiah’ conference, to be held at the Conway Hall in Holborn a week on Saturday, Mr Atwill will present his theory that the New Testament was written by first-century Roman aristocrats and that they entirely fabricated the story of Jesus Christ.

Outlining his ideas in a blog posting on his website Mr Atwill writes: “Christianity may be…

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I find it frustrating that people look outside our borders to seek proof of the NWO and illuminati when it is quite obviously all around us here too.
The scariest thing is that so many are ignorant to it and the “occult” nature or “secret/symbolic” nature of the things we look at every day are influencing our society, our thinking and manipulating the vibrational reality we live in.
The YouTube clip below is a great introductory and eye opening summary to show you how the initiated hide this symbology all around us.
Be aware, awareness will help prevent the impact they have on your vibration. But also realise that the occult NWO/illuminati are not just “out there” or someone else’s problem…..they are here and taking Aussies for a ride because so many of us just don’t care about politics and the finer details, as long as the cricket is on or the footy is playing the running of our country can wait and stay in someone else’s hands…
Well it’s time to wake up!

Love and Light