Martial Law, State of Emergency extended, and now Slavery?

Posted: December 30, 2013 in media lies, NWO, politics, Reptilian agenda
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I’m no political genius or lawyer, but the following article I found (the link below) is disturbing for everyone.
If this is a true representation and interpretation of the executive order and amendment to constitutional law in the “Land of the Free and Home of the Brave” then I truly fear for the rest of the world.
Putting aside their obviously conservative Christian stance, The Common Sense Show has some points well worth considering.

If we here down under think that our government won’t follow suit or be pressured to in some way you are kidding yourself. All I will say is be prepared, believe nothing, trust nothing, listen and interpret all the info you come across with an open mind and listen to that still small voice in the pit of your stomach, learn to trust your instincts. As George Carlin says, believe NOTHING, question EVERYTHING.
I leave it to you to decide how you see this info. One point that jumped out at me was in the comment section….the current government have launched an appeal/application to have the death penalty for TREASON, revised down to prison time instead….ummmm does that smack of guilt and forward planning to anyone else?

Love and Light


  1. Giovanni Casanova Krobo-Edusei says:

    @JohnniDangerous: PROOFS OF TREASON- of BARACK H OBAMA & THE D.N.C (best viewed on P.C) & Romans 3:4 READ>

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