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Thought for Today…

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Thought for Today…

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Thought for Today…

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Read this article and just see the blatant illuminati references, evil witchcraft and deep symbolism…symbols rule the world…not words nor laws…

Keep up the great work VC

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I feel that pain….

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How have we come to be a society that celebrates the actions of criminals calling themselves celebrities?
This kid needs help, where are his “minders”, his psych support helping him cope with the pressures of fame?? Well there’s no money in that for the management firm now is there??? They are trumping these celebs up in order to line there own pockets when they should be guiding these people to be better role models for our kids!
This is the illuminati system controlling the minds and actions and shaping these celebs and in turn shaping out kids…shaping our society to accept this behaviour as normal…it’s sick.


One political commentator even said “have an exit plan”

More on the economic woes can be found all over the net…is this the engineered global crisis they have been waiting for?

Thought for Today…

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Take the road less travelled….


Society has degraded sex and love into something cheap and nasty. All of us, male and female deserve a little bit of romance. I watched “Last Vegas” last night…great message in there from Morgan Freeman’s character…ask a lady to dance, don’t tell her, tell her she is beautiful, not how hot she is and how horny you are…compliment her on her dress, her eyes…be respectful.