What a fuckin lame assed excuse to justify why an apparently “Almighty, loving god” would allow such suffering. Wake the fuck up people.
Trust in his will?? Tell that to the grieving parents of the child who died of brain cancer and leukaemia on my watch… “His will”??? That is not the act of a “loving” god and if it is, I want no part of it.
It amazes me that whenever something tragic happens or something that a “christian” can’t explain it’s “oh well,we just have to have faith…god works in mysterious ways…” Yep…and so does your logic, your sense of reasoning and your twisted sense of reality.
What a fuckin cop out

  1. Kajahie says:

    “On your watch” means you signed up for what you are experiencing.

    “Christianity” has nothing to do with God. None of the religions do.

    • angelis80 says:

      That’s not an excuse for a cop out of religion or god. Both are a lie. And yes I work in healthcare, I chose my profession, I see suffering ALL the time that has no reason, and I have to sit and hear bullshit about “it’s gods will”…well that is a cop out. A loving god would not allow his “sons and daughters” the “bride of christ” to suffer. That god, the god of Christianity is a farce. It’s a creation, manipulation and lie. I believe in a “higher being” a creator god of sorts…but not one that sponsors and allows that shit.

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