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Posted: March 6, 2014 in awakening, Reptilian agenda, Solutions, thought for today

My pop always used to get cranky with me when he’d ride in my car and I would have music going, “turn that racket off…” He’d say. I used to laugh and hassle him for being old and cantankerous, and then I’d turn it off to keep him happy. One day I asked him about why he asked me to turn it off, it wasn’t that he wanted to talk, we would most often sit in silence, did he not like my music, was it too loud, did it annoy him?…. He turned and looked at me and asked how often I just drive with out a sound, no music, no phone, no talking?
I used to commute to work and uni back then and I kinda laughed it off and said I needed something to keep me awake on the drive. He shook his head and said something about learning to love your own company.

I was maybe, 19-20 at the time. Now I am in my 30’s and finally I understand what he was trying get at. He wasn’t being a grumpy grandparent, intolerant of todays music etc. He was trying to get me to get in tune with myself, to be happy in my own skin, happy with my own company, my own thoughts, learning to accept myself and face my thoughts and fears instead of drowning out my own being with music, pointless conversation…
Our lives are filled to the brim with distractions, work, TV, sport, mobile phones, iPads, iPods, lovers, haters, twitter, facebook……………
Have you ever wondered why there is so much around? Its all in place as part of an agenda. “They” (lol) don’t want us to love ourselves, to start listening to our own thoughts and hearts and souls. In doing so we would start to LOVE ourselves, we would become intimate with ourselves and see our potential. We would begin to see our problems in a different light and find the solutions within ourselves and not the solutions that come with a TV AD campaign or in a pill form. We would start to diffuse the stress that builds up inside, MOSTLY just because we deny ourselves the time to listen to ourselve, our needs. We drown out all the intuition, the small voice inside that directs you and leads you. We run from ourselves from fear, the ENEMY of love, life and true freedom.

Once we begin to listen, we begin to learn, we begin to LOVE ourselves and forgive ourselves, then we can really begin to love others and in turn give of our love to change the world, to lift the vibrations of this 3D reality and find true inner peace.

Finally I understand Pop, thanks, I love you.

Love and Light

  1. This article was so well written, it said so much in regards to how much we depend on outside sources for happiness! I really enjoyed, thank you for sharing!

  2. hipmonkey says:

    That’s wisdom.

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