Law of Attraction 101: Introduction to the Law of Attraction

Posted: March 12, 2014 in awakening, hidden knowledge, Solutions

Wow, explained so well!!

Clearly Thriving

The Law of Attraction

I’m sure by now most of us have heard about the law of attraction. If not, the law of attraction basically states like attracts like. Let me elaborate on that by example. Say you walk into a restaurant with a negative attitude and you end up having a crummy time. For instance, you may end up waiting for what seems like a long time to be seated, or you may attract the new/clumsy/rude waitress, the chef might put onions on your burger when you specifically asked for no onions… The point is, the negative attitude you went in there withattracted the negative experiences. The good news is, it works both ways. The even better news is that how you feel is always your choice!

Your Point of Attraction

If you are experiencing happiness, your point of attraction will bring you more happy circumstances…

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