Captain America- illuminati agenda hidden in plain sight

Posted: April 7, 2014 in illuminati, NWO, Reptilian agenda, The matrix
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“Two sides of the same coin…”
Well set out and well researched. Thank you for this enlightening article. Let’s hope that some of the “brain washed, brain dead, genetically modified popcorn eating” audience members actually wake up to the blatant truth. The illuminati have always hidden their truth, their agenda in plain sight.

Deus Nexus


The Winter Soldier blatantly showcases the illuminati’s entire NWO play book and then some.

byDeus Nexus

(Spoiler Alert, but then if you are reading this commentary you mostly likely don’t care.)

Right from the trailer, I could tell the new Marvel Studios film, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, was going to be loaded with New World Order innuendo.  However, the film itself packs quite a gut punch – a blatant documentary of the shadow governement’s rise to power on the eve of achieving their totalitarian dream, that throws us a curve ball, exposing the larger duality game.

Of course, to the average awakened person, none of this is new information.  The plot of the film unrolls like a colorful recapitulation posted on any alternative media site.  No, what is shocking is that the plot of this film is so blatant, and yet the general audience sitting in the theater is still completely oblivious, munching on their genetically modified popcorn

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