Thought for Today…

Posted: April 28, 2014 in thought for today
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As the great George Carlin said, we must teach out children to question everything they read, watch, hear and learn. Our education systems are run by the same government manipulation and agendas as the media and entertainment industries. They don’t want well informed, intelligent kids, they want them just smart enough to work the machine without the smarts to question and confront the oppressors.
If we don’t take an interest in or children and their lives and education, what they hear and watch, we are doomed to having a dumbed down generation of worker ants…is that truly what you want for your kids?
Teach them to love, teach them compassion, teach them to seek answers, teach them to see beyond the dross and lies, teach them discernment, don’t drown them in religion, let them find the truth- just point the way.




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