Thought for Today…

Posted: May 18, 2014 in thought for today


Ahhh, media hype, celebrities, magazines, TV and radio program’s…. It is all designed to distract us from the real issues. It there to stop us developing our connection to the universal consciousness, to stop us realising our true power and seeing the big issues.
Last week I was driving my kids to school and I was watching out the window of my car as a plane cross crossed the sky with chemicals, but on the radio program we were listening to do u think they mentioned that? Fuck no…they spent the entire 20 minute journey talking about the “Jay-Z vs Solange” incident!!! They were spewing out about how they felt the public statement their publicists released did explain enough to the public….WTF??? Now a couple of things here,
1) they are family and families fight sometimes
2) it’s is no one else’s fucking business!!!!!
I mean get a fucking grip. They had people calling in stating how the public deserve an explanation!! Why do they? What does it matter to anyone else? What about you lobby the fucking Abbott government for an explanation of why he is penalising the pensioners in this budget, or why people with disabilities are now turned away and not allowed to get their pension any longer and are expected to work the same hours as the rest of us….what about the fact he has slashed the funding to the already struggling public hospital system, how about the fact the disadvantaged families are losing money and the rich are pretty much set to get richer??? Or how about we have demand action in finding the 300 girls kidnapped in Sudan?? Or the Russian military actions of late? Or even the fucking chemtrails I was staring at???!!! But these media manipulators saw yet another opportunity to distract the masses from what really matters. The sick and sad part is…people bought it and swallowed it and immersed themselves in it! WAKE UP HUMANITY
Love and Light

That’s what I think about the gossip columns


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