Thought for Today…

Posted: September 5, 2014 in thought for today


  1. I’m becoming more outspoken about my chosen causes, but find that people either laugh at me sympathetically, or choose to ignore my message and carry on their sheeple lives. Psychics, mediums, clairvoyants etc must experience this form of rejection and skepticism at a base level every day, and major conspiracy theorists like David Icke must experience it on a massive level. When will people wake up and discover their own truth?

    • angelis80 says:

      That is so true. I too get the sympathetic laugh and then the whole “you don’t really believe all that do you…?” But I have found that by just standing firm on my beliefs and so far not “pushing” them, just LIVING my truth, people have noticed something different and come asking. Our higher selves want the truth…people will eventually be drawn to this. But I fear it will not happen fast enough. I feel great admiration for those that stand up before the masses like David Icke, Alex Jones even Gandhi and continue to make a difference and stand for their beliefs (right or wrong). I am learning to listen to my intuition to know when the right time and receptive person is around. Do not be discouraged, keep living your truth and remember that our job is not to pull people into the light kicking and screaming, but just to shine our truth and light so that others can find their way out of the darkness. Love and Light always.

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