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ZIKA Virus….

Posted: February 12, 2016 in agenda 21, Boycott GMOs, Eugenics, health
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I have not really vetted this article or looked heavily into the facts and science behind it, however the article that I came across on Natural News does raise some questions  as the the true cause of the symptoms these poor kids have been presenting with. Knowing the power certian corporations have I am not sure that it’s too far fetched that there might be a cover up in play…..

The WHO website itself is not even convinced that Zika is the cause of the microcephaly.

We already know the air is poisoned across the globe on a daily basis and that links to cancer and many other health conditions have been made in relation to certian GMO pesticides and products….is this another one? 

 As always, read for yourself,  trust nothing and no one unless it agrees with your own knowing, reason and common sense. 

Love and light.


This is older now, but the issues presented are still very relevant. Especially as now more and more ingredients are GOM derivatives and less and less of them are being labelled.

Overpopulation- another “false flag” type emergency to justify the NWO agenda for control of the majority. It will be used to scare people into supporting and to justify the “depopulation agenda”.

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Before starting this article, I wish to specify that it is not because I choose to question the concept of overpopulation that I also question the need to end poverty, overconsumption and environmental destruction. Overpopulation may be a concept, but poverty and unsustainable practices are a reality and my life is geared towards raising consciousness about alternative ways to operate as a society.

However, I believe it is important to question everything; even claims closely tied to the activist and environmentalist movement. Why? Because by questioning theories such as overpopulation, I discovered an even more promising future than the never-ending struggle of trying to merely control the damage we cause to the planet and each other without addressing the cause.

Questioning scare-tactics, even if they seem to be geared towards noble causes, does not necessarily deny our support of the causes themselves. Yet they might save us…

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GMO danger- be very aware of what u purchase and what you put in your body.

Natural News Tracker

aspartame kills

Of the 315,000,000 people in the United States in 2014, more than 200 million eat GMO everyday – heading towards cancer. Big Food invests mainly in one area and that is Big Pharma. Food is processed and cooked dead and then labeled as “fortified” to fool the public that it contains any nutritional value at all, when it doesn’t. Now since about 1990, food has been multiplicatively worsened by genetic modification to contain weed killer and bug killer, so on top of being dead food, for two decades it has been contaminated with poison on the inside. The seeds and plants now contain chemicals that kill pests, and guess what the human beings are that consume them?


Ask any natural health enthusiast this question and they will estimate the same number. More than fifty percent, and closer to 75 or 80% of the masses do…

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Food as a weapon against humanity….

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DeusNexus_Avatar_NEWDEUS NEXUS: This is probably one of the more alarming articles I’ve ever posted.  Yes, Mike Adams (the Health Ranger) is overly melodramatic.  His articles are often delivered with more opinion than evidence, promoting health with a big dose of fear.  (Unrestrained fear is never healthy, knowledge is empowering.)  However, the evidence he is shedding on the contamination of our food supply, even in the supposed health food industry, is extremely troubling.

We have crossed a dangerous line as a civilization when we can no longer rely upon the basic nourishment we are entitled to live upon as organic beings – the sunlight we receive, the air we breath, the water we drink, the food we eat.  Yes, we have known for decades that there are problems, that our water supply is being fluoridated, that our air is being filled with pollution and toxins, that our food is saturated with artificial chemicals…

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check out the link below where 297 scientists have signed a statement opening with the paragraph below…

“We feel compelled to issue this statement because the claimed consensus on GMO safety does not exist. The claim that it does exist is misleading and misrepresents the currently available scientific evidence and the broad diversity of opinion among scientists on this issue. Moreover, the claim encourages a climate of complacency that could lead to a lack of regulatory and scientific rigour and appropriate caution, potentially endangering the health of humans, animals, and the environment.

Science and society do not proceed on the basis of a constructed consensus, as current knowledge is always open to well-founded challenge and disagreement. We endorse the need for further independent scientific inquiry and informed public discussion on GM product safety and urge GM proponents to do the same.”

Finally people who “matter” are speaking up! but is it too little too late?




Fuck the GMO.

Well it’s back to business today, no soft topic on my mind, but instead I came across this video of Bill Gates talking about how with the careful use of vaccines they can reduce world population by 10-15%…. Ummm I don’t know about anyone else but, Bill, isn’t that admission that vaccines are actually killing people and isn’t that like confessing to murder?..



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speaks for itself really…