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Gotta love Carlin.



Link the statements on the Georgia Guide-stones with the murals at Denver airport in the last post…the whole plan is laid out! The secret societies are bound by their very precepts to lay out their plans for all to see. The problem is, that anyone who tries to expose it is labeled as a conspiracy theorist, a nut job… People have been brainwashed by the continual barrage of shit from the NWO controlled MSM and the “democratic vote” they believe actually miss a difference, to believe that the government actually has our best interest at heart and will mock anyone who says otherwise….but here it is carved in stone and painted in murals at Denver International Airport! It is time to wake up humanity….because I can safely say that anyone interested enough in reading this post…is not going to be on of the 500,000,000 people saved. They don’t want enlightened souls, they want the “cream” of the secret societies and some unquestioning, tip-top healthy slaves to keep the world running so they can continue to live their NWO utopia. It’s time to prepare for that battle. All the signs are showing, our time is short, our freedoms are fast dwindling. Be alert. Be vigilant. Learn, question everything. PREPARE!