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  Check out this interesting article by expressvpn about privacy….how can people still not see it? 


And here we have another diversion tactic…

ISIS is part of a rebel invasion that is about to attack Syria along with the Saudis, Qataris’ Turks. They are allies of the USA. If the Saudis, Qataris, Turks and USA enter Syria, it will NOT be to “fight ISIS” but to protect these rebels. 

The media in the US is silent as to how close we are to war.    

When the Saudis and their allies invade, the Syrians and Russians have no choice but to defend themselves. The US media will tell the American people “Russia has just attacked our allies. We must enter to defend our allies!”

The US Government need a DIVERSION to shift the public’s attention away from the coming economic collapse. War is usually the strategy. 

It would appear that Russia and America have been goading each other into a conflict for a long time now. Will this finally be the excuse? 

Just remember, whatever the MSM tell you, always look for what they have NOT told you, what else is going on, and who stands to benefit from any conflict or action. 

Love and Light.  

GMO Music

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GMO Music click to Read this awesome article about how our music today has lost its Soul…

“If I see another internet meme that says music is healing, and good for you, i’m gonna scream. Yes, it can be, but not all music is. I know this is a sacrilege to say, but i can’t help myself.

Let’s consider music as a kind of food, because we all agree, right? Music is food for the soul. Imagine a world with no music. Horrible. We would starve spiritually without music.

But food has changed lately….”

Thanks for another great post Zen Gardner.

Thought for Today…

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TV, media and the entertainment industry are simply playing us like puppets…however for those that have eyes, let them see! How much of your world view and perception is dictated by TV? How much of that do you truly think is really the way it seems??


Makes perfect sense to me too…smart meters are like Homer Simpson says… “SMRT”

Stop Smart Meters Australia

One of the recommendations of the recent G20 summit is that:

“Participating countries will work together to accelerate the development of new ways to improve the energy efficiency of networked devices.  In 2015, this work will include consideration of options for goals for reducing the global standby mode energy consumption of networked devices”

So these “networked devices”, such as smart meters, are consuming too much electricity?  Even when they’re in stand-by mode, which according to the power companies, is something like 23 hours and 56 minutes a day.  And meanwhile we’re being told to switch off our appliances at the wall in order to stop wasting precious electricity on stand-by mode.

And apparently these smart meters are enabling us, the consumers, “to reduce our electricity consumption”, while at the same time, enabling the power companies to increase people’s electricity consumption to run this networked device in stand-by mode most of the…

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The 2014 American Music Awards Were Littered With Illuminati Symbolism.


Overpopulation- another “false flag” type emergency to justify the NWO agenda for control of the majority. It will be used to scare people into supporting and to justify the “depopulation agenda”.

Deus Nexus

Reposted from: Collective-Evolution | by Elina St-Onge

Before starting this article, I wish to specify that it is not because I choose to question the concept of overpopulation that I also question the need to end poverty, overconsumption and environmental destruction. Overpopulation may be a concept, but poverty and unsustainable practices are a reality and my life is geared towards raising consciousness about alternative ways to operate as a society.

However, I believe it is important to question everything; even claims closely tied to the activist and environmentalist movement. Why? Because by questioning theories such as overpopulation, I discovered an even more promising future than the never-ending struggle of trying to merely control the damage we cause to the planet and each other without addressing the cause.

Questioning scare-tactics, even if they seem to be geared towards noble causes, does not necessarily deny our support of the causes themselves. Yet they might save us…

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Read the article from “The Common Sense Show” to see how the Ebola “crisis” and the inevitable vaccine is all just part of the “Problem-Reaction-Solution” agenda for the advancement of the NWO.
If ever there was a time to wake up and take a stand it is now.



Checkout Vigilant Citizen’s article on ISIS…this is indeed ordo ab chao…and manipulation of public opinion.


I don’t know, I am not there. I came across this info on FB today. It does seem to have some elements of plausibility. But I think this, if true, is only one side of this sinister coin…