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Vigilant Citizen analyses the twisted song and video clip.


  Check out this interesting article by expressvpn about privacy….how can people still not see it? 

As I sit here and await the dawn of the new year now just under an hour away I thought I might just leave the year with a few thoughts…
Don’t look back! There is nothing there for you. Move forward into this new year without fear. Leave old ways of thinking behind. Don’t set yourself stupid and unrealistic “resolutions”, who needs that pressure? Have a goal and just move forward one step at a time and try and live your truth as best you can.
Shine your light for all to see and when you feel that your light is low…reflect some of the light from those you know!
This has been a whirlwind of a year! I have just had a week off work and I am still reeling from the rush that led me here. I know I have not hit all the goals I set for myself in my spiritual growth. I was beating myself about it big time. I allowed life, work, kids, family, fatigue- the list is endless- to get in the way. But then I realised my fretting over the distractions and the seeming “lack of progress” I have made was destroying my peace and impeding my progress even further. I was listening to my daughter and her mum talk the other day about starting a journal in which they would write daily things they were grateful for and it dawned on me…make a list…really have a look at how far you have come…& I did.
I realised that in amongst all the shit and stress and drama and mundane sameness and tiredness I have actually come a long way. Majorly I can say I have quit all my poisonous psychiatric meds, this in turn gave me back my intuition, my conscience and my ability to REALLY feel and experience my emotions for the first time in….I can’t tell you when how long!!!! Through my return of my intuition and my growing ability to trust it I can say I have beaten my bipolar, it’s still there…but I know my triggers and can trust myself and my intuition to feel the “turn”.
I have broken many bad habits.
I have developed much better coping abilities through compassion for my fellow man and mindfulness of my impact within the vibrational field that surrounds me…
I have begun to make some major in-roads towards healing the damage I caused to my loved ones over the years…
As I made my list I realised that although I may not have ended up where I “planned”, I am where I am supposed to be.

So I guess the take home message is this…In 2015, don’t be hard on yourself, just live and show compassion for your fellow man and trust that the universe, the Source will guide you to where you need to be.

Go forward with love into this new year.

Much Light and Love…Always.


Thought for Today…

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Add a little Trews to your day! Thanks Rusty!

Deus Nexus

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MeditationEmancipation or freedom from slavery and bondage is ultimately what the human spirit craves. From the perspective of your spirit, slavery encompasses how the attachments in your life—such as sex, material items, money, power and all that they bring—prevent you from being free. Bondage has to do with the ways in which your ego (or collection of identities) and your karmic loops bind you into the reality you experience, and thereby limit your human growth. So the question is: How can you free your spirit and, in so doing, realise your human potential?

Making The Body Conscious

In Taoism, whether you meditate for your health, stress relief, high-performance goals or more lofty spiritual pursuits, the journey commences by progressively and systematically making the body conscious. This awakening process must be developed to a relatively high degree in order to engage the middle…

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Makes perfect sense to me too…smart meters are like Homer Simpson says… “SMRT”

Stop Smart Meters Australia

One of the recommendations of the recent G20 summit is that:

“Participating countries will work together to accelerate the development of new ways to improve the energy efficiency of networked devices.  In 2015, this work will include consideration of options for goals for reducing the global standby mode energy consumption of networked devices”

So these “networked devices”, such as smart meters, are consuming too much electricity?  Even when they’re in stand-by mode, which according to the power companies, is something like 23 hours and 56 minutes a day.  And meanwhile we’re being told to switch off our appliances at the wall in order to stop wasting precious electricity on stand-by mode.

And apparently these smart meters are enabling us, the consumers, “to reduce our electricity consumption”, while at the same time, enabling the power companies to increase people’s electricity consumption to run this networked device in stand-by mode most of the…

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The film The Matrix – the first of three – contained some fundamental truths that many around the planet instinctively responded to. The universe is indeed a temporal illusory holographic matrix made up of varying frequencies, waveforms pulsating at specific vibratory rates. Beneath the Veil, the ‘curtain of each atom’, there really is nothing out there but a vast ocean of etheric energy, the AKASHA, the silent unheard sound.

Everything you see or hear or touch is nothing more than electrical signals being transmitted by the five senses through this underlying etheric ocean to your brain. Each of these senses supports the others in the illusion generated by the amazing intensely creative power of MAYA and the GUNAS. These signals are interpreted according to our programming from birth and our DNA.

This first Matrix film revealed far too much…

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Checkout Vigilant Citizen’s article on ISIS…this is indeed ordo ab chao…and manipulation of public opinion.


IMG_4513.PNGI think Australia should probably look at that too. Whilst I get that we are an international community, sometimes I think we just need to mind our own f#%€ing business and stop being led along just because our government has their heads so far up America’s arse we can’t tell where we end and they begin.

So….a lot has happened in the past few months really hasn’t it?! Let’s look at it;
-Ebola- check
-Talks about compulsory mass vaccinations against Ebola- check
-ISIS/ISIL- check
-Malaysian Airliners shoot down- check
-Russian government “leaks” classified intel about 9/11- check
-Religious hysteria about the “last days”- check
-Progression to economic collapse around the world- check
– Australian government signs away our civil rights and allows our police, spy agencies and any other agency claiming to be associated with a “Special Intelligence Operation” (SIO) to trample our civil rights with impunity with very little oversight- check
– Australian government prepare to slam its citizens with massive undisclosed price hikes for medical services. Most think it is JUST a $7 fee for a doctor visit…yeah right- check
-“mysterious illness” sweeps America- EV-D68-once a “rarely” or sporadically occurring virus now somehow infecting thousands of young people leaving them with neurological and muscular deficiency similar to polio- check

Oh I’m sorry, did you guys miss those last 3 little points in the media?? Well that’s ok, so did nearly everyone I’m sure. Check out the info below…

“In 1984, author George Orwell laid bare the lie of authoritarian utopia. It was a warning, not an instruction manual for Senator Brandis.
He wrote that if the citizen gives up freedom and privacy to the state in return for safety, the bargain is fatal.
You end up with neither security nor freedom.
You end up bullied and starved and told you are being well fed and too scared not to love your masters.
The citizen needs protection from the state built into the laws and that is what they smashed on Thursday.
This generation has forgotten. The price is to visit those miserable, dreary lessons learnt by the East Germans.”
The Age

Also for more info on how the government is about to rob from the poor and sick to feed the rich coffers of Big Pharma and western medicine check out the links below! And the comments made by a much more politically minded wordsmith than myself. Check out his political comments on face book- James Roy.




Being as I am a sceptic when it comes to vaccination I would have to question the motives of Big Pharma and the government of mass vaccination is in the agenda. What else is in it? And what else is it like to sensitise us to? And how bloody convenient that the company researching the ebola vaccine was based in Africa and had it pretty much ready for use right on top of this current out break- see my previous posts on Ebola.

So I guess the whole point of this little article is to show and prove that governments have been using fear and misdirection as cover while they quietly sweep away the world we know.
Always be vigilant, be cautious and always look for what else is going on. You can guarantee that anything the MSM is touting and parading is prescribed and orchestrated just to “wag the dog”. Or as they say in the movie “Now You See Me”

Come in close, because the more you think you see, the easier it’ll be to fool you.

Love and Light always.