Know thy enemy…

In this section I will endeavour to list or include links to works by prominent NWO/illuminati agents so that people may read and understand the depravity of those involved and yet the depth to which this conspiracy and grand plan of their’s goes…it goes back decades…and more.
Remember in no way is what I post here representative of my support for these writings, however it is good to know your enemy!


Heres a list of the “Committee of 300”. They control and rule the world, but they still are puppets…

Here is a brief history of the Rockefeller family, lovely bunch really. They funded the corporation that in turn funded Hitler’s rise to power an produced the gas used to kill millions of Jews.

  1. Alex Nervosa says:

    AKA Agenda 21

    • angelis80 says:

      Precisely. Agenda 21 is about enslavement. Beware of the buzz word of agenda 21 “smart”- smart cities , smart meters, smart phones….if its “smart” its part of the agenda.

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