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Click The Vigilant Citizen to see this awesome report on how the elite agenda is being push on the young and impressionable!


This is older now, but the issues presented are still very relevant. Especially as now more and more ingredients are GOM derivatives and less and less of them are being labelled.

Thought for Today…

Posted: December 24, 2014 in thought for today, truth
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Add a little Trews to your day! Thanks Rusty!

So you ever get the impression that no matter who is in government, ultimately the agenda is all the same? Nothing really changes?? Labour/Liberal, Democrat/Republican…
They all start off with pretty campaign slogans and promises galore…but at the end of the day they are really not different?
Well it’s because at the core of it all democracy is a farce, it’s an illusion to make the sheeple believe they have a say, but ultimately we don’t get to “say” anything. Even if u want to vote for an independent here in Oz, the vote has to be allocated to one of the two main parties if they don’t get a seat of their own…
The agenda and timeline has already been set, the puppet that takes the part of PM or President is just there to put a happy face on it all and satisfy the masses that someone different is making a difference! But the politics that matters is all done behind closed doors and the agenda is set no matter what meat suit takes office.



Sorry about the lack of real posts lately on Awakening of Humanity. I have allowed my pressures of work to get in the way of many things in my life of late…time to change that and get back to my spiritual journey. I will still put up a “thought for today” post each day, hopefully something to spark some thoughts or something worth meditation throughout the day, but I will also get back to some real “meaty” posts.
I have had a lot going on of late, work, family, spiritually, also revelations and truths and HEAPS in relation to my mental health battle, so I have a few things and subjects I would like to share about.

Anyway….today as I sit here next to my daughter in hospital, it has forced me to stop and has given me time for reflection.
As you may have noticed, the past few days “thoughts” have had a common theme…DISTRACTION and DIVERSION.
Before I launch into this please be aware that I am VERY aware of the pain and suffering of the families of the missing Malaysian Airlines flight and I DO NOT wish to detract from that, I want answers and I am sure their desire and need far exceeds anything I feel. Having said that there are some things I have noticed….

I was intrigued, as the rest of the world was, when the flight “disappeared”. I followed it for a few days until I noticed something…I subscribe to many alternative news feeds, I don’t watch much MSM at all for obvious reasons, but I notice that my feeds were flooded with articles, theories and “facts you are not being told…” Blah blah blah. This was ok for a day or so, but it continued, and still is continuing. I switch on the MSM news on TV the other day and it was a one of those “current affairs” type shows, the feature article was….yep you guessed it the missing plane! I switched the channel…a new bulletin about the missing plane, switch again…same-same . I continued to check my news feeds in the days following and sure enough the good majority of them were about the missing plane.
The other article that seems to be consuming the alternative news is the “war” with the Ukraine and the threat of a Russian attack on the U.S.
Now I get that these need reporting, all of the are legitimate issues, but in CONTEXT!
All this put me in mind of that FANTASTIC satirical movie, “Wag the Dog”!
All these events are real however, they are occurring, but the propaganda mill has latched on to the intrigue of it and sent the “truth seekers”, like myself, into a frenzy! We all fell hook line and sinker into the intrigue. BUT what was going on in the meantime? What was all this used to distract us from?
When was the last time the radiological disaster of Fukushima even discussed in the media? What about the destruction if the Pacific Ocean from the thousands and thousands of litres of contaminated radioactive waste from the dying plant, has that received the international attention and international team effort?
How about the economic situation of the world? The militarisation of the police? Have a check, what bills have been passed through your governments while we have been distracted?
These are just a few ideas…I am sure there are SO many things- as I said, work and my mental health battle has consumed me of late too, so I am out of touch with all the issues going on.

I praise the reporters, and thank them for their intentions where they were honest, but I plead with EVERYONE be aware if what is going on around you! Don’t focus so hard on the one issue that your peripheral awareness of what else is going on! David Icke says often that the goal of the retilian/illuminati/elite lead media/propaganda network is to distract us from the big picture, to keep us so focused on limited things we forget the big agenda, we kiss the moves being made, we forget about our spiritual and consciousness evolution!

Don’t get me wrong, media and news is not the only “distraction technique” used to keep us occupied…
-money…omg….doesn’t this consume us!
-entertainment, music, movies, games
-celebrity worship/gossip
All of these have been designed to consume our attention, our energies and concentration.
They are all ok in small doses, I’m not saying withdraw from the world, live in a cave etc, just that we should be ever aware of the big picture.
Being aware of the subliminal/covert and overt manipulation techniques can and does reduce it’s overall impact, but it takes a conscious effort to break the habit of allowing our minds to be consumed by them.

Arrrgh, I am not sure that I have managed to articulate my thoughts here as well as I would like, my daughter being unwell in the bed beside my is distracting me too! But I hope that I have provided some food for thought.

Be aware, question EVERYTHING, always look at what’s going on in the background, when the magician says the “magic” is over here…the truth is really over there!

Be ever aware. Be vigilant.

Love and Light








Free your mind. Remember you attract what you think and feel.
Remember that the media groups are own by a handful of the elite…real journalism died a long time ago. Don’t be fooled.