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And here we have another diversion tactic…

ISIS is part of a rebel invasion that is about to attack Syria along with the Saudis, Qataris’ Turks. They are allies of the USA. If the Saudis, Qataris, Turks and USA enter Syria, it will NOT be to “fight ISIS” but to protect these rebels. 

The media in the US is silent as to how close we are to war.    

When the Saudis and their allies invade, the Syrians and Russians have no choice but to defend themselves. The US media will tell the American people “Russia has just attacked our allies. We must enter to defend our allies!”

The US Government need a DIVERSION to shift the public’s attention away from the coming economic collapse. War is usually the strategy. 

It would appear that Russia and America have been goading each other into a conflict for a long time now. Will this finally be the excuse? 

Just remember, whatever the MSM tell you, always look for what they have NOT told you, what else is going on, and who stands to benefit from any conflict or action. 

Love and Light.  


Checkout Vigilant Citizen’s article on ISIS…this is indeed ordo ab chao…and manipulation of public opinion.



At this time of year I am reminded of the control structure we live in. It’s so obvious at the moment- BUY BUY BUY, SPEND….get that best new release game/toy/clothing… But the material things can not satisfy the hunger inside. Distractions while we worship at the alter of capitalism and the control of the world elite and give thanks for the birth of a virgin born baby…who is a symbol of the ancient mysteries of Babylon and the baby Tammuz born of the virgin Isis…reptilian rulers of the ancient past.
But it’s all just an engineered distraction to keep you focused on the world at the end of your noses and off the real events taking place in the world! Has anybody seen any more coverage of the Fukushima disaster?? It hasn’t stopped. what about the killings and the lies in Syria?? What about Israel and Palestine? I bet none of these make the news this evening, but they will be happy to tell you about the “great sales prices” and the latest xbox/ps4 and the “confidence of consumers based on spending this Christmas…”
Umm mean while, what are our leaders up to? Pay attention, “when the magician says the trick is over here, the real action is happening somewhere else entirely”. “The closer you look, the less you will see”
Always keep in mind the bigger picture.

Love your family and humanity at this time. Live in the NOW! You cannot change the past or see all the options in the future, all you have is now, grasp it with both hands.