The Saturn Connection

So I have recently come across more and more instances of “strangeness” and associated theories surrounding one of our solar systems most mysterious planets and as such think it appropriate to discuss them here and to present some of the topics for your consideration.

I will attempt to build this up and place links and pictures here for your perusal, it will be a little jumbled for the first part while I organise the files and videos and then link them all together to tell the story and make sense. For now though here is some of the info I have found.



The Secret Occult of Saturn Worship– Check out this link to see how the ancient religious practice of Saturn Worship still pervades our society today.

What did Arthur know…and when did he know it? 


Cylindrical Anomalies

saturnjet2psdsaturnjet1psd saturnjetAApsdUFOsRobertDean2 saturn5 Craft24 Hubble UFOsRobertDean


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